Effektiv og målrettet kapasitetsøkning, tilpasset dine behov, i komplekse endrings- og omstillingsprosesser.

Magic Nordic Light Days and Nights on Ona


How can a Holistic approach to leadership make you thrive?

I just came back from some magical days on the island of Ona, located two hours travel by ferry and car out in the Atlantic sea, on the far west of the Norwegian coast. For four days I had the pleasure to be here as one of four hosts for the Genuine Contact Holistic leadership development workshop.

A total of ten great people from Germany, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands traveled, lived, cooked and learned together on this amazing island, in a feeling of being in a timeless space where you were surrounded by light all day and all night. Some of us knew each others from different online meetings during the pandemic, others were new to all - the Genuine Contact way of working, the people, the language and culture, and the place. Our background was very diverse, with the shared experience of working in complex and challenging leadership positions in public and private sector.

Our common goal was the drive to explore how we better can take all our human resources into conscious use in our leadership. Through a holistic leadership approach we want to develop and maintain a nurturing climate, were we and our organizations are in health and balance through processes of change and transformation.

The Genuine Contact Program is based on Frontline Research and practice for mobilizing and empowering people in strategy focused activities in organizations through leadership. The Program give everyone an easy and holistic approach to Organizational Success. What is the stakes for that when you are expected to lead through rapid global change, under the pressures to be more transparent and more socially and environmentally responsible, all while creating an organizational culture in which people like coming to work and get the job done?

The Genuine Contact way of working offers you simple and powerful frameworks and processes that support organizations in becoming highly successful by nurturing a culture of leadership and at the same time sustaining their health and balance. We see effective meeting facilitation as a catalyst for change, skill and capacity building. The Holistic Development course is one of a serie of workshops, that together with access to mentoring circles for peer to peer learning and learning retention make this way of working available for you.

In the Foundational Module 4 of the Genuine Contact Program "Holistic Leadership Development", we show you how leadership is a skill where mastery can be achieved through knowledge and practice. Holistic Leadership Development deals with the extraordinary leadership that is required to achieve success in a world in constant change. Organizations and people impact each other deliberately or unconsciously. To be able to develop and be successful in a complex, multicultural and constantly changing environment we need a new leadership paradigm. We need a leadership view and an organizational climate where many people have the opportunity to take initiatives and find solutions. This implies a new way of leading so that others can lead.

The Holistic Leadership Development workshop was designed to assist leaders who want to develop their leadership approach, strengthen their own power and find tools and methods to impact their organization. In the workshop participants have time to define their own leadership approach, strengthen their leadership capacity and design a plan for leadership development in their organization. Finally we give the room to develop a plan for your own support system as leader. This is your personal plan for the resources that make you have the courage, capasity and confidence to be the change you want to see in the world yourself.

Participants deepen their skills, knowledge, and capacity to:

  • Navigate through, utilize and thrive in constant change
  • Assist their organizations to develop a climate for extraordinary leadership
  • Create work environments where everyone can take initiatives for developing the organization
  • Create life nurturing, synergistic work environments with sustainable high performance
  • Find and work with the power of presence, communication, and influence wisely and effectively to achieve results
  • Create an organizational climate with liberating structures and high participation for optimal organizational performance

In the Nordic countries, the nature is a rich arena for learning, available through activating all our human resources such as mind, spirit, emotions and body. Our courses invite to mindful reflection, playing and sensing as part of the individual and group learning process. In our course we use the nature as a active learning field, and show you ways of how this can be integrated in your own leadership capasity building for better health and balance.

Soul and body must be feed properly, to be in health and balance. Through out the whole course our eminent chef and hostess Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson had planned for delicious meals to be prepared together, inside and outside. Here we are at the beach on Husøya, preparing creamy fish soup with sami bread Gaakhu made on the fire.

We host this workshop as an open course every summer in magical surroundings in Sweden or Norway. If you want to attend, please give me notice. I will make sure to remember including you in our invitations and early bird discount offers. Call +47 901 50994 or send an email to Ann-Heidi@Demokratitanken.no

This workshop can be fully design to meet your organizational needs, and be conducted on site chosen by you or us all year. All you need to do is invite us.

Welcome to magical days together, in a fellowship that invites you to belong, and make capasity building for a life were you thrive easy!

Suksess krever handling! Kom i gang nå!